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No Eye Drop Eye Exam….Really!

At Warrior Eye Care Vision Source, we believe that our technology and preventative eye care testing leads to the diagnoses and treatment of eye and non-eye disease much earlier, saving sight and lives. That’s why we always dilated our patients’ eyes at least every two years, if not more often. The problem with dilating, is that the eye drops always caused:

  • Stinging of the eyes
  • The eye drops also caused blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity – heck, our patients were coming into the office seeing more clearly before they walked in than when they left the office after eye drops!

So when new technology came available, we knew we had the answer to making this valuable procedure easier on patients, while providing our patients with the most thorough examination possible. With the Optomap digital scanning laser, we can have a digital documented panoramic view of your retina in about 25 seconds…we can even e mail it to you or your medical doctor!  And with the Optovue OCT, we can have an MRI-type image of all the layers of your retina (all 10 of them) with computer analysis, in about 2 minutes.  No drops, no dilation, no blurred vision!  Pretty neat stuff.  We can’t wait to show it to you! Ask for Optomap at your exam. You can also visit more information on this wonderful technology.

Call Our Office Today to schedule your next full “A to Z” personalized eye health and vision examination with Dr. Andrews or Dr. Dudley and tell them “NO EYE DROPS” Please!