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Contact Lens Stuck in Your Eye? What to do..

Nearly all contact lens wearers have experienced a contact lens stuck in their eye at some point. The good news is, it’s impossible for a contact to be stuck in your eye forever! Here are some handy tips to remove a “lost” soft contact lens:
1. Wash your hands thoroughly & determine the location of the contact lens in your eye
2. If it’s stuck on the center of your eye, liberally apply rewetting drops, sterile saline or multipurpose contact lens solution. Close your eyes, and gently massage your eye until you feel the lens move. It may take several attempts before the lens becomes rehydrated enough to dislodge.
3. If the lens is off-center, move your eye in the opposite direction of where you think the lens is, and massage your eyelid to help move the contact to the center of your eye. Rewetting drops may also help to dislodge it.
4. If you feel the lens is stuck behind your eyelid, putting a new contact lens on your eye can “draw out” the stuck lens so it can be easily removed.
5. If these techniques don’t do the trick, come see us and we will remove the lens for you…no appointment needed.